Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dear Charlie:

Well, looky who's a bad blogger!

While I know quite well that work would notice me missing immediately, as would the cast of the play I'm in (yes, I got a part!) and my Third Thursday comrades, I sometimes wonder if my friends and family or my internet folks would have a clue. I'm a bit haphazard about my updates, am I not?

...Sorry. I'm a bad monkey.

To update:

1) I vanquished the flu. I'm still a bit phlegmy, but on the mend.

2) I got a role in the play I first mentioned way back in, what, September? There are only seven roles -- only two of which are women -- but thanks to a lack in male persons auditioning, the director got a listen at my broad British accent and signed me up for Froggy. This is awesome for entirely too many reasons, as follows:

___a) Froggy is a British army explosives expert. That in itself is freakin sweet.

___b) I get to have a bluff, hearty, rather mercurial temper, which is great fun to act out.

___c) Froggy is a bald-faced liar, but only in a kind attempt to abet his friends.

___d) I'll spend most of my time on stage with a highball glass of (oddly tea-flavored) whiskey in my hand. Heheh. Pub!

___e) And this is the absolute best part... I get to blow something up at the end! Considering we have 6 show dates and will need at least one technical rehearsal to ensure the effects work, I get to blow stuff up SEVEN TIMES!! My life... will soon be complete (except for that trip to Scotland that's #1 on my bucket list).

3) I'm singing not one but two songs in the upcoming Third Thursday which falls, oddly enough, on the Ides of March. Dream Spiral's theme this time around is color, so I'm singing "99 Red Balloons" and "White Rabbit". I wanted to do the SuckerPunch version, but couldn't find it just instrumental anywhere. So, Jefferson Airplane version, it is.

All this stuff has left me very little free time, and I'm already dragging pretty tired, but it's definitely keeping me busy and making the time fly. Yes, that was a backward attempt to excuse my month-long absence. I have reasons!

No, really!

I haven't had much time to write, but I do have the best idea for a new story that I've been jotting notes for, and I did crank out a few new pages on a story my beloved sister would be excited to know I'm working on just last week. It's hard to write when I'm focusing on my lines for the play, but I imagine all the creative activity has put my writing jones into action.

As usual, when I least have time to write is when I most need to. Ha ha, muse. You're a real laugh riot. Jerk.


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