Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Holy crap! I blinked and October was over!

This is our last weekend of ghost tours, so hopefully things will slow back down a bit after this. I'm hoping for a weenie roast in the boonies before it really gets cold and, though we're doing Third Thursday in November, I'm also hoping we don't jump immediately into DickensFest. I need a breather!

I also need some time to just sit and sew. I have great ideas, but they don't do me much good in my head. Heheh. Gotta get out the ol' needle and thread, maybe Saturday during the day and definitely all day Sunday (maybe while watching the Chiefs game? please let me get Channel 7!) to see how far I can get. That way, I'll have a better gauge of how long it'll take me to do what I have in mind.

It's not like this stuff has to hold up to daily wear forever. But it does need to be durable enough for multiple promo opportunities, a few dress rehearsals, and definitely the actual DickensFest dates. Plus, I gotta be careful of my shoes when we do the Christmas parade again.

Last year, I had blood blisters completely covering the balls of my feet for WEEKS. Not doing that again. Nothing with a heel, dammit! I can surely do period-piece shoes without sacrificing my poor feet.

Oh! And I gotta pick up some thermals, but not until much closer to showtime.

...Since when is my blog a to-do list??

Yeah. Hope it calms down soon. *snickersnort*


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