Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Charlie:

I sometimes have the wackiest shenanigans. Though we're hip-deep in our walking tours this month, I just got all totted up in my Victorian Christmas clothes and participated in a photo shoot for DickensFest. Ha!

Apparently, we're getting some magazine play this time around, so they wanted their material a little earlier than usual. Or than we expected. Yowza.

As for the walking tours, they are going like gangbusters. We've had amazing crowds, and I think people are truly enjoying our little tricks. The first tour of the night is always entertaining and chock-full of fascinating facts, but during the second tour, you get that awesomeness PLUS a little creeping on the side. And oh, how we love to creep. *snerk*

We're also doing Third Thursday against this month, though a short, singing-less version because we're actually doing tours that night. Mostly, we'll be drifting wickedly through the crowds in full costume and make-up, creeping people right the heck out and passing out fliers.

Good times.

And yes, we are -- by necessity -- already thinking forward toward DickensFest. We already planned to do November's Third Thursday, but we'll for sure be doing promotion now. DickensFest last year was a great success, and I can only imagine this year's being bigger still.

So, I'm making a new costume. Yes, I still have the one from last year (sorry, Julia! I know I promised your skirt back, but things got so hectic!), but I have something else in mind. Something both more Christmassy -- just green, folks; don't get all excited; this humbug is still a humbug -- and more period. Good times.

Just gotta ger 'er done.

While doing all that other stuff. Heheh. Who needs spare time?

Oh, that's right. I do. At least, I do if I ever want to finish another book. Yeah, writing's been pretty slim pickins lately. The desire is there, even the words are there, but the time is not. Doesn't look to slow down any time soon, either, but I'm gonna make a more concerted effort to simply make time.

If my beloved sister -- wife, mother of three, full-time worker who is pretty much always on call, cook extraordinaire, housekeeper extraordinaire, etc. -- can make time to write every day, I truly have no excuse. Whew.

Oh, and this odd combining of Halloween and Christmas gives me another chance to spread my beloved Undead Christmas lyrics. Go forth and laugh your blarney stones off, folks.


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