Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Well, Third Thursday was a smash hit. We handed out about a billion fliers [disclaimer: The prior statement might contain hyperbole.] and sang/danced the night away. It spattered a little rain on and off, but we at Dream Spiral Productions are a little bit like the Army Rangers. We don't wait for a bright, sunshiny day.

Now, we're full-fledged getting ready for our ghost tours in October. I did my old crone make-up for the first time yesterday, and damn. I now know what I'll look like in 20 years or so. CREEPY.


Also, though I held onto that lovely 10-6 scoreboard down there in the sidebar longer than I really should have, I finally switched it to this year's schedule. My poor Chiefs. Not only are they 0-2 already (technically 0-6, if you count preseason, which I'm totally not doing this year), but they've been outscored 89-10.


I'm seriously.

We gotta get it together, boys. If we want to salvage anything of this season, we gotta at least put some points on the board. Worry about winning when we have something resembling an offense. Once we can, ya know, score, we can worry about preventing the other team from doing so.

Or, hell, flip that and prevent scoring before scoring ourselves. I don't care. Just fix something, pretty please!

Love ya, guys, but you're KILLING me.

In much better news, My Gigolo is actually selling pretty well in print. Or has sold pretty well. Ya know how royalties work, heh. They're always like a quarter behind the sales. Either way, I've been pleasantly surprised by the numbers. Thank you so much for buying, guys!

I can only hope you're enjoying, as well. Whee!

Now, back to writing and hopefully getting you something else to read. Crack that whip, folks!


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