Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Yeah, I realize it's been a lengthy bit without an update. Part of it is that I didn't want to displace that eulogy. Another part is that I'm simply feeling quiet, what with the craziness lately.

However, I think the malaise is starting to shake off. Part of it is that we're moving into our new office building, so we're finally out of temporary office space (ie., a really big, partitioned conference room that is, by definition, a bit loud and crowded and busy). We just set up our desks and computers and such this afternoon, and tomorrow will be devoted to retrieving our files from storage, dusting off the microscopic tornado residue, and getting back to regular business.

Part of it is writing. It always seems to wake me up, no matter what else is going on, and when I've been without it for extended periods (or when it's sporadic, at best, as it's been for the last year... gah!), I get twitchy. Distracted. Down in the dumps. Staid. Just... not me.

Call it a myth all you want, but I'm just not myself when I'm not writing. I can pretend, but people who really know me know different.

Plus, my sense of humor is in high gear, trying to keep that conference room full of stressed-out scrambly folks from going ballistic, and I stumbled across ever more hilarity at... you guessed it...

"We're not quite sure how and why Australia has an intelligence agency, but the fact that we've never heard of them proves they're doing something right."

That line alone is worth reading the entire article. They just have a way of saying things, ya know? Like when they're talking about all the different, fascinating ways weather can just frickin kill you. Out of nowhere.

If you aren't giggling like an idiot at the phrasing in that article, you've never had a pants-shittingly interesting weather-related moment in your life. Heh. Or felt that the cosmos itself was out to get you.

Love those guys.

So anyway, just thought I'd drop in and remind myself, if no one else, that life does indeed go on, no matter what weirdness has dropped into your lap and started to wiggle.

Good times.


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