Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Musing Sidebar:

Cool summer rain. God, I love that scent.

No, it's not quite summer yet, but it's been hot enough that this cooling, fresh-smelling rainfall has that same feeling. Welcome as glad news, refreshing as ice-cold tea in a porch swing on a summer evening, intoxicating as a kiss in the twilight.

I love the rain. I love the sound of it. And that scent.

Yes, I know we have nightmare flooding here in the middle. Yes, I know we don't need more rain. But....

Makes me want to curl up on the couch before an open window with a good book, lulled into another world with the hush of the fall. Makes me wanna write poetry or song lyrics. Makes me just plain want to breathe.

Breathe deep. Breathe long and slow. Breathe free.

I love it. I love the rain.


At 4:13 AM, Anonymous Katie said...

I love the rain when I don't have to go outside. There's nothing as cosy as curling up on my couch by the window with a book or my laptop and a nice cup of tea while the rain beats on the window.

If I have to leave the shelter of my house, though, the rain is an abomination whose very existence I curse.

At 3:03 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Ha! Well, I admit it's a bit inconvenient when it's pouring on my way to work and I've fixed my hair only to find it sticking to my face because it's soaked, but usually, I LOVE walking through the rain.

Basically, when I don't have anywhere to go, I love being out in the rain. When I'm on my way somewhere? Not so much.


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