Monday, May 30, 2011

Fly-By Update:

Borrowing internet again:

It's still crazy here, but we're pulling it together one day at a time. We're down to less than 40 missing people, and that has to be a blessing for the survivors still trying to find their loved ones. I'm trying to focus on positive stuff like that.

Still working lots of hours between work and volunteering, but I took a little bit to move most of my stuff into my new apartment. Yes, I got it. Yes, I feel a little bad for having a place handed to me on a silver platter while so many are homeless and have lost everything. I keep telling myself that I've had my application in for a month and shouldn't feel bad, but I do. It's not faceless strangers who are suffering here, ya know? It's people I see every day. People I know. People I work with.

Anyway, just wanted to put up another note so you all know I'm still kickin around the planet. I've located or talked to plenty of friends, but there are a few I'm still worried about. I keep hoping it'll all shake out in the end.

And I keep praying for everyone here. We're in this mess together, and that's how we'll get out of it.


But going through the disaster area every day is hard. I don't know how the search and rescue teams and the clean-up teams bear it. My heart goes out to them, and I thank them with everything in me.


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