Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Charlie:

You know, sometimes it's just plain good to bump into old friends.

I took one of my advance copies over to the old office I used to work in to give to Missi, the receptionist I worked with for several years there. She's a riot, and she's always been such a friend. I put a nifty little note and signature inside the cover and everything. She deserves it. She's a doll.

But I got so much more than just the one friend.

I hadn't been there ten minutes before Jon came up, too. I just love Jon. He's a riot. We hit it off from his first day there. Same warped sense of humor. Same amusement value in the Undead Christmas lyrics (he was there the first day I started doing them and laughed harder than anyone but me). Good times.

Then, not too much later, while Missi and I were still marvelling over the tangible reality of a print novel in hand and Jon was demanding the next turn in line to read it, Tammy walked in, too.

Now, Tammy's the therapist who actually read the old printed-out manuscript copy before any edits were made. I hadn't even sent it off at the time, I don't think. I was just sitting on the finished product in that vast empty lake of time between finishing and the first revision pass, and she volunteered to read and tell me what she thought. Bless her heart.

So she was excited, too. Good friends, there. I wish I had more freebies to hand out, because I want to give everyone a copy! Luckily, most of them will probably buy one when it hits the shelves, but hey. I like a little instant gratification now and then.

Anyway, after regaling them with my new favorite joke -- What was Michael Jackson's favorite thing about twenty-nine year olds? There's twenty of them! -- I left on a wave of good feelings, and you know? That's what it's all about, there. I may be more glad than I can express that I'm no longer in that situation, but that doesn't mean I don't miss the people. There are some seriously good people there, and I miss them all the time.

Good times. And remember: April 5 is just a few days away now! Eee!!


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