Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so sometimes I like to watch indie horror flicks. Yes, I know. I'm more likely to root for the protagonists to die in most of 'em, but hey. Once in a while, you find something great.

And sometimes, you just find something weird. Like an Italian version of Red Riding Hood. Honestly, with a little higher production value, this wouldn't have been so bad. The earlier acting is stilted and tentative, but the longer the movie goes on, the more I think that's intentional (to an extent; this is probably the very young lead actress's first film role). After all, the main character is not only 12 years old, but batshit crazy.

I'll spare you the details, but it comes down to this: she's the worst kind of crazy -- the wicked-smart kind. She's a veritable prodigy, but her views of the world are juuuuust a bit outside. There are reasons for this, which is impressive in an indie flick. Honestly, the plot of this thing is very well done.

You put a group of more seasoned actors on this and better production value overall, and it'd easily overwhelm most of the horror crap Hollywood's putting out these days.

And I gotta admit, the grandmother was well-played. Even the tutor wasn't bad. Unfortunately, the crazy chick is a bit of a sour note, but honestly, she grows on you. Her acting isn't spot on, but she has an enormous amount of dialogue to impart, and she spits it out with admirable aplomb. It's gotta be tough to sound genius-level crackers while calmly contemplating the precise way to drill through Gramma's kneecaps to safely immobilize her without killing her.


But the plot is infinitely more solid than you usually get from movies like these. I just wish they hadn't made George's wolf face solid white. It works for Michael Myers, but not for the wolf face. If they'd made it more rustic, like on the poster/cover, it would've been much more creepy. As it is, it looks like plaster fresh from the mold, like the crew was too rushed to even run a sander over it.

But overall, if you're like me and like to occasionally risk your own sanity by dipping a toe into the vast pool of unknown indie flicks, this one's worth a try. If nothing else, it's worth a chuckle or two. Intentional or not. Heh.


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