Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Somber Update:

Well, I just got back from my cousin's funeral. Car accident. Go figure.

You wanna talk about irony.

Bless her heart, but RoyAnna was young -- only seventeen -- and smart and funny and active and the picture of health. Played all kinds of sports. Brought smiles everywhere she went. She was a good girl -- not a rebel, not a boundary-pusher, kind to strangers and puppies.

And before she even really got a shot at life, she's gone.

How is it that cranky old me has a car accident and gets out without a scratch, while such an innocent is dead? Is it true that only the good die young?

Or is it insulting to her memory to apply such a hackneyed old cliche?

Either way, the funeral was hard. I've never seen the old hometown funeral home so overfilled. It was worse than standing-room-only. People were standing on the sidewalk outside because it was too packed for any more guests inside. It was so full that we didn't even get to stand in the main room, and we were close family.

But that's the kind of girl she was. Everybody loved her. She will be gravely missed.

But sadder still is that I'd only seen her a handful of times in her life. Oh, I knew her. Got regular reports from all over the place, all of them glowing about how funny she was, how good a sport, how active and smart. I felt like I knew her so well, but it had been probably five years since I last saw her.

It's scary how suddenly it ended for her. I mean, it's good that she didn't suffer horribly. Don't get me wrong. But... seventeen? That's a blink of the eye.

At any rate, I hope she rests well, and I hope her parents and sister are able to cope without her. A little of the light went out for all of us today, but we're all hoping that remembering her will bring it back every now and again.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Sherri said...

Beautiful post. It's good that one of you were able to make it for the funeral. {{hugs}} to your whole family.


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