Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome-sauce Update:

Lookit my boys!

See what happens when Matt Cassel is at the wheel? Things happen. Oh, he threw an interception early on, but I think he was shaking off a big hit at the time and wasn't sure if it hurt in a bad way or not. Otherwise? That man was spot on.

No shut out with him at QB.

So, to alla yous guys who pule that Brody Croyle was never really given his shot and would develop into a better QB if given a chance and blah-de-blah, I hate to tell you, but Croyle got his chance like three years ago and... he got hurt. He's fragile. He likes to think he's not, but he is. He breaks easily.

And honestly? Cassel's got just as dynomite an arm, as he's proven time and again.

Give the guy a break, here.

I mean, seriously. He's been fighting tooth and nail to get back into the game (even just a few days after an appendectomy). He is the leader of this team. He gets 'em goin. He just went out there and, 11 short days after being cut open, shrugged off hurries, knock-downs, and outright sacks and shoved it all down St. Louis' throat.

This guy is mustard. Give him the credit he not only deserves but has earned over and over. His team gives it.

Time for the grumbly, mumbly fans to hand over the love.


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