Sunday, November 14, 2010


No comment on today's Chiefs game. I wasn't able to get enough reception to actually watch it, so I had to just watch the numbers' miserable climb on my pool's homepage.

Le sigh.

Moving has kicked in. I'm no longer just packing (though I'm still doing that, of course), which means there's no longer any stopping it. I know how I feel about it, but I'm trying not to dwell. Hard not to while trying to decide what goes with, what gets sold, and what gets trashed, but hey.

Otherwise, got a killer idea for a book series (don't worry; this is future work talking; I still want to get my steampunk out before, ya know, the end of time) and am jotting down ideas and notes and things I want characters to say. These books will require more plotting and organization than I usually do, so I'm tempted to start up a notebook for it when I get settled at Pesh's house.

And Edgee got me addicted to Castle, the bastard. I knew I'd love it, so I never watched it once. Since last week, I've caught up on all three seasons and have started watching the actual show on Monday nights. On TV. Commercials and all.


And in other news, I'm participating in DickensFest, a local Christmas extravaganza put together by Dream Theater, the same peeps who do the Raycliff haunted attractions. Sweet! It's gonna be epic, I tell ya. We hope it turns into an annual thing, because it's gonna rock.

Yes. I realize it's ironic for me to be in a Christmas production when I don't like Christmas. At least this one's about a haunting, so it's more my stride. Heheh.

OH! And I wrote some more Undead Christmas lyrics. They're up at my site here. Yup. Carol of the Bells. I think I'll have to attack Twelve Days of Christmas next. Mwahah.


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