Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Okay, two quick things:

1. My flashy website is back up. Yay! Technical difficulties and that whole starving artist thing, mainly, but we're back in business with updates to the News page and soon-to-be-updates to the Freebies page. Double yay! And hopefully news (and maybe snippets?) from the latest work in progress. With pirates. Triple yay? Or would the pirates make it quadruple?

2. Pretty please cross your fingers for me for jobbage. I really liked the place where I interviewed, and it'd be way cool to wear jeans to work for the first time since college. Yeah. Let's not talk about how long ago that was. Our little secret and all that.

Okay, three things:

3. My only comment regarding the upcoming Jacksonville game and my beloved Chiefs is this: while the Jags are maddeningly unpredictable from week to week, I think the sting from that oh-so-close Houston giveaway last weekend will have my boys cruisin for a major win. Like when they stomped San Fran to quash the rumors that they could only beat so-so teams, my boys will prevail to quash the rumors that they can't handle play-offs contenders and might as well not bother taking up the play-off slot they might win.

Totally not true.

As usual, my boys just gotta get the O and D working at the same time. When that happens, we go 13-3. Remember 13-3? Weren't those good times? We could be there again.

Just sayin.

And again, let's just not remember exactly how long ago that was. Time and tides and all that.

Oh! And remind me later to pop up a quickie review of RED. Yeah. Watched it.

Are you kidding? Of course I watched it! But more on that later. For now, I must sleep. I've been a wee bit short of it lately, and I'm hoping like crazy I have to juggle two jobs for a while because, ya know, day job! Eee!

*crosses all applicable appendages*


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