Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Okay, I don't want to be the whiny, blame-pointy fan who jumps on every holding call as bull, but... my boys were robbed.

Just sayin.

A bogus "false start" that even the announcers (who invariably don't like the Chiefs unless they're actually from KC) admitted should've been a neutral zone infraction on Houston in the first half, then an even more bogus "defensive passing interference" that shoulda been an offensive interference in the second. Both came at turning point kinda moments, though we didn't let the early one stop us from moving the ball, but that second one was just a game-stealer. You can't give a team that's #1 in 4th quarter scoring a gift 30 yards on a bogus penalty call. Might as well gift-wrap a TD for 'em.

Especially when a player like Brandon Flowers -- a consummate professional who knows what is and isn't a penalty -- is so certain the flag is on the receiver that he's not even watching the refs deliberate. Again, even the announcers said they saw no infraction on Flowers' part, while the Texan receiver gave a very significant and obvious push-off.

No offense to Houston, really (though we totally OWNED them up to the end of the third quarter). They are excellent in the last half and especially in the fourth quarter, but that bogus call put them in the position to undercut our lead by 7 instead of the 3 they would've had to settle for, and that's a game-changer. Give us the penalties we've earned, but in a game that comes down to one score, one referee screw-up can completely undo a team's extraordinary effort.

Yeah, I know error is part of the game, but I get really frustrated when it's twice in the same game against the same team, even if it isn't my Chiefs.

On the other hand, how about that Chiefs offense, eh? Think they worked on not leaving the defense hanging this last week?

I think so.

Great job, O. You did indeed step up. And Cassel played a helluva good game. Smart football. Protect the ball, dominate the clock (up to a point), pass and run until the opposition is off-kilter and can't catch you quick enough. Good times.


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