Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Charlie:

So we've decided to do Oklahoma! a little differently than it's been tried before. As a group, we decided to... spice it up a bit. Do something more now, more au courant.

That's right, folks.

Undead Oklahoma!

Okay, not really. But we did talk about it. Got the music director laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Mostly it was the monotone moaning in something approximating harmony that did her in. Good times.

We also managed conversations about invisible appendages from unmentionable nether portions in the back, hip gyrations, and a rather burlesque entrance from the screen door by the otherwise chaste and virginal Laurey. Heh. Oh! And Curly pole-danced!

Ahem. I didn't look. Okay, I did, but I was laughing really hard, so it was totally okay.

Anyway, despite all the general merriment, we did actually manage to set the blocking for the first four scenes, so that has to count for something. You have no idea how hard it is to drop a turn-of-the-century Oklahoma accent once you step off the stage, having just spent almost three hours using the hell out of it.


Now, if I could just work out that "day job" part of this equation so I could go to every single rehearsal. And show up on time for the ones I can get to. And not have to take off most of the week during the actual production, just to make sure I make the performances and the pick-up rehearsals in between.

Workin on it. I swear!


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