Friday, June 18, 2010

Squiffy Update:

I really hate to displace such an awesome review-type blog entry with one so lame (or so soon), but hey. Gotta blog when the urge takes me, right?

So I couldn't sleep last night. Usually, when I say I couldn't sleep, I mean I tossed and turned all night but probably managed to snatch an hour or two here and there, though I never went deeply asleep and felt very much awake all night.

But last night? Nope. No sleep. I didn't hit the sack until about 5:00 AM -- gotta stop this working evenings/nights thing -- and by 6:30, I was pretty convinced that I wasn't getting any sleepier. I knew I wasn't sleepy -- tired, yes; sleepy, not so much -- when I hit the sack (which is why I was so late, anyway), but I thought maybe resting my eyes would....

But no. And this isn't the first time. It seems like, lately, about once a week, I just can't sleep. I don't get the droopy-eyes. I don't feel like I'm gonna fall asleep on my feet if I don't go to bed, and so when I do finally hit the ol' mattress, I just lay there. Turn to one side. Turn to the other side. Lay on my back. Lay on my stomach. Try the first side again.

Think about what I might wear for Halloween this year.

Think about how much of Sokka's personality they demolished to "ground" him in the upcoming The Last Airbender movie, though the graphics in the trailers look lifted right outta the anime. Seriously, the guy gets an arc in the series. He goes from "the meat and sarcasm guy" to the efficient, daring, brilliant leader of a three-nation army (okay, one of the nations is only one person, but hey) that cuts a swath through the Fire Nation. Don't take that from him, M. Night. I'm seriously.

And, my personal favorite, how they're gonna pull off the Deadpool movie. No offense to the Green Lantern, but seriously. I hope they get it done and out of the way ASAP because I want Ryan Reynolds in red-n-black like yesterday. I can't wait to see him crazy-smack-talkin, arguing with his yellow and Courier-font boxes, breaking the fourth wall, kicking ass without bothering to get names, chugging Yoo-Hoo and worshiping at the altar of Bea Arthur.

I. Cannot. WAIT.

And it darn well better be R-rated. Seriously. If they can't get the R, they really oughtta not bother. This is a character that can regenerate his head when it gets blown off. Notice I said "when", not "if". His head has been blown off. In detail. In full color on full-page panels. Several times.

Rated R. I'm just sayin.

And then the birds start chirping and I decide that sleep has yet again abandoned me, and it's goodbye pillow, hello Microsoft Word.

Maybe it's not such a bad thing. I have a lot of steampunk to catch up on. Heheh. I also have a little urban fantasy I still want to cross off my To-Write list. And there's always the dark sci fi and the morbid zombie YA and the nifty haunted house story waaaaay down the pipeline and and and....

So yeah. Maybe instead of displacing my beloved sister's review, I oughtta be doing any one of those things, or any one of a hundred million things that don't require my computer at all. I got lots of those, too.

But seriously. Deadpool. The sooner, the crazier, the better.

God, I wish I had more comics. I'm dyin here!


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