Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Dude. It's May. When did that happen?

Oh, right. Yesterday.

So in addition to starting MayNoWriMo yesterday, I finally got started set painting for Pesh's play (scroll down a bit to the "next show" info). Whee! It really is fun to paint on such a grand scale.

I think I do better on a wall than on a canvas, but that could just be my own perspective. On a wall, I can make minute corrections that no one but me will notice. On an itty bitty canvas, any corrections tend to be obvious because EVERYTHING is small and detailed.


Yeah, when it's all done I'll see if I can't talk Duh Pesh Mode into taking a pic or two with her nifty digital camera and send 'em this way so I can post 'em. So long as I'm not actually in the picture. I'm seriously.

However, thanks to some domestic disturbance shenanigans outside in the street last night at, oh, 4:30 AM that kept me up until almost 6:00; getting up at noon; taking a nice two-hour lunch with Pesh to just kinda yak and have fun; and then six hours of set painting... I'm just now even THINKING about starting my MayNoWriMo words for the day. Heh.


And I'm blogging. Oi.

But I don't count the day a loss, and I still have as much time as I want, basically, to write. I don't work tomorrow -- though I'll be doing more set-painting in hopes of getting as much done as possible before another work week sets in and I possibly have to put off until next Sunday and Monday -- so I can sleep in a little later than usual and still be a useful member of society.

Heh. Shyeah right. Like I've ever been that.

So g'night, all. The Diplomat calls, and anyone who knows about him knows it's better to answer than to... ya know... die painfully.



At 9:01 AM, Blogger Zojojojo said...

Gleee! Diplomat!!

(Words fail amongst the fangirl squeals.)


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