Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amusing Sidebar:

I know! Two posts in two days!

Anyway, so I was sitting in line at the Chik-fil-a drive thru, right? It's lunchtime, so there were several cars in line. I pulled out a book -- my beloved sister's Dear Sir, I'm Yours, which is a superb read in either snippets or in one big swallow -- and read a few paragraphs, scooted forward, read a few more paragraphs, scooted forward, etc.

I finally get up to the window and hold out my debit card, only to have the guy there smile and say, "Your lunch is already paid for. Have a nice day!"

Here's me. Looking stymied.

"My what?" Yeah. I'm brilliant when I'm surprised. Dy-no-mite.

"The lady before you paid for it. Wasn't that nice?"

I blink. "Yes, it was, but I didn't even see who it was! Holy cow, how am I going to thank her if I don't know who it was?"

Kid just grins. "Dunno. Enjoy your lunch!"

All I could say as I searched the parking lot for a vehicle that had already pulled onto the main drag and blended away was, "How could I not? It's free!"

Anyway, I have my suspicions who it was, but unless they 'fess up, I may never know for sure, so I'll just say it here: Thank you so much for my lunch! What a nice (and welcome) surprise!

So I guess next time, it's my turn to pay for someone behind me's lunch, eh? Whee!


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