Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Oi. Since I went to bed at around midnight and still wasn't asleep at 4:00, I got up and got busy. I don't even feel tired, which SUUUUUUCKS.

At any rate, I decided to decorate the mini poundcakes I made with my nifty new 9-bin cake pan. I made mini loaves of Italian herb bread (and will probably make some white bread today) last week, but they're all gone now. Heh, gave some away and ate the others. But these little pound cakes turned out cute as hell, so I decorated a few of them to take to the old office today.

Oh -- might have skipped something important. Um, I'm taking a cake decorating class. Yesterday evening was our third class, and we learned how to make clowns. Yeah, I don't do clowns, so I made other little head-like things for them instead. Heh.

Take a look:

Heh, that guy's just got a wicked little grin going. Can you tell I like Halloween, what with the color scheme?

That guy had a hard day at work. Heh.

Not a happy camper. I can't imagine why.

That guy's had tee many martoonis. You can't really see from this angle, but his eyes are little swirlies. Heh. I'm such a dork.

Meh, not too exciting. A little cranky.

And that's me, trying to meditate so I could go to sleep last night. Maybe the one before that is me after the meditation didn't work? Oi.

Anyway, since I finally figured out how to get pictures off my phone without paying for mail service (though I paid for the USB cord, but hey), I figured I'd regale y'all with my kitchen pictures. Kinda before and after, if you will. I'm kinda proud of how it turned out.

Here's a close-up of the godawful wallpaper from before. Can you imagine someone actually PICKING this??

And here is the corner that looks the most different to me:

Here are the main cabinets that changed. Before, they were all a pukey shade of discolored off-white. My only problem with how they look now is...that you can tell how crooked the drawers are. *sigh* I never noticed before. Oi.

Man, all that detailing on the upper cabinets was a pain in the butt, even though it was just white paint. There's a little light thingy in the recessed area behind that curvy faceboard thing, and I had to climb into the sink to get up there and paint around it all all up in the recess.

But I think it looks better. Pesh calls it the "eggs sunny-side-up" kitchen, but hey. I figure it's a nice statement that isn't too crazy, so it should count as saleable. Meh. Whatever.

I'mma run some mini poundcakes to the old office and check to see if Penmac has anything for me. Thinking of calling a few other specialty shops in the area (no, not telling what kind) on the off chance they're hiring.

Then, I gotta mow the front of the lawn. AGAIN. Good Lord, but it's SEPTEMBER! Won't it ever stop growing?? I can't list this place with a grown-over lawn, darn it!


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Pesh said...

Just be glad the kitchen makes visitors think of food instead of murder? Your readers should note that the wallpaper was not only hideous, but also hung upside down.

Those "clowns" are a riot. I had to tell the guys about your roadkill clown from last night while they fell on my bloody, disemboweled clowns like hyenas. Good times.

At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Pesh said...

Edit: "...murder." :P

At 7:03 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Yeah. UPSIDE DOWN. Seriously.


Anyway, it's gone now, so that's all good. My poor roadkill clown. I didn't take a picture of the cake. Oopsie!

I did get the front half of the yard mowed, though. Now, I'm lounging on the floor (cooler down here so I don't have to kick the A/C down any) and chugging a goji wildberry Fuze and...

...watching Hot Fuzz again.

Can't help it. It's funny as hell.

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Pesh said...

*is tempted to destroy the comfort of floor dwelling...because she is a Pesh*

But I won't. Not overtly. Yet.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Don't worry: I inspected the whole living room and dining room floor surface before plonking down. I can still see that beastly li'l wolf spider crouching there amongst the variegated carpet fibers.


At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Jacen said...

That wallpaper with the fruit reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory....the good one with Gene Wilder.

I just keep thinking "do the Snosberries taste like Snosberries?"

At 9:13 AM, Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

Nice vintage kitchen! A fresh coat of paint works wonders. (Also, wall paper going away. I hate wallpaper.)

At 12:38 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Jacen, they do not. I'm pretty sure they taste like old wallpaper.

And WW? Yeah. HATE wallpaper. I know people get it to hide wall imperfections and such, but to get it just to get it? Just to have a pattern?

NO. Just NO.


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