Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Danny: Where's Lurch?

Nick: He's in the freezer.

Danny: Did you say "Cool off"?

Nick: No. I didn't say anything, actually.

Danny: Shame.

Nick: There was a bit you missed earlier where I distracted him with the Cuddly Monkey. I said, "Play time's over!" and hit him over the head with the peace lily.

Danny: You're off the fuckin chain!

How did I go this long without reviewing Hot Fuzz?

I saw this flick ages ago and thought it was hilarious. It's not exactly a parody of cop dramas so much as an homage. A send-up, if you will.

That also happens to be funny as hell.

Part of it is that it's a British cop movie. Most of it is because of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They're hilarious with each other, as evidenced by the awesome sauce that is Shaun of the Dead.

Sgt. Nicholas Angel is the straight guy. The good cop. No, the Super Cop. Constable Danny Butterman is...not. He's the cop who lives vicariously through American cop movies. You know the ones -- explosions, snappy comebacks, and usually a hot chick. Or two. Kissing each other.

Put them together, throw in a few "accidental" deaths, mix with a hilariously "How to Host a Murder" plot about the annual Best Town award, and half-bake with the heat of all the generated laughs. Sprinkle on a few fascist comments and a running hag joke, and you have a comedy main dish worthy of gracing....

Oh, hell. I seem to have created a metaphor without end. Stopping now.

The point is that, by the end of the flick, I could not stop laughing. Nor could I stop watching. It's smart and funny, but more than that, it's clever. Every running theme is neatly tied up. Every gag is lovingly crafted.

And Sgt. Angel's fantastically worked out theory about whodunit...is totally wrong. Which is priceless because the actual evil plot is so...so...fascist, and yet so much simpler and less mystery-novel. *snerk*

At any rate, if you "get" British comedy, you can't miss with this one. It's neither Monty Python nor Guy Ritchie, but it somehow manages to learn from them and make something wholly enjoyable.

And, except for one wanker what gave it a 0/10 rating, most everyone seems to agree. I say we tell that bloke to jog on and have ourselves another pint at the pub to celebrate. Good on ya, chaps, and I look forward to whatever else has buggered off up your sleeves.


At 9:08 PM, Blogger Jenna said...

Hey Molly!!! Long time, no talk! Reading you review Hot Fuzz makes me think of the time that my husband rented it off of Netflix. I thought it was porn until he told me about it!! Ha-Ha!!! Miss you lots! Jenna

At 7:23 AM, Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

I loved Hot Fuzz. Have you seen Sean of the Dead? That's even funnier.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

WW, you ain't kidding. The scene where they're beating up the zombie pub owner with pool cues to the beat of Queen?


And Jenna, I remember you saying that! It's great good fun, isn't it?


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