Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Dearest Charles:

So, my beloved sister just posted recently that she's a bad blogger. She's not. I am. I'm sorry! It's been a busy week!

I finished the kitchen (which is awesome), started the bathroom (oh, my God, the paint is so bad that I might have to go get a better brand and paint over it, though the color is nice), interviewed for a couple of jobs at places that aren't hiring (why interview people if you're not hiring?), and...found out that Samhain Publishing is contracting for one of my books!


So, this year, I'll have a short story coming out in an anthology in October, and a full novel coming out sometime. Dunno for sure when, but as soon as I have details, I'll pass them along. Woot!

Also, because me and Pesh, bless her heart, were up until like 2:00 last night trying to get my stupid website up and running (she totally did all the work; I just supplied usernames and passwords), we got a little punchy. As a result, I now bring you Chapter 2 of The Golden Letter Opener.

God help me.

Hellboy: *on the street* Nice going, Your Royal Assness. You got us all fired.

Nuada: I told you...*breathshudders*...I cannot stop.

Johann: I don't know vy I vas fired viss you all. It vasn't as if I hired you.

HB: Shut it, glasshole, and you, elfboy, you'd better find us all another job quick. Liz gets a little twitchy when she's not working.

Liz: *twitches*

HB: See?

Nuada: I must go to Wink.

HB: ...What?

Nuada: See to my sister. I must go to Wink. He can help. He has always helped me.

HB: Hey, wait! If he can help you, maybe he can help us!

Nuada: *breathshudders* I must do this alone. Leave me! *takes off*

HB: *follows*

Everyone Else: *follows*

Nuada: *dives into sewer grate* Do not follow me!

Everyone Else: *follows*

HB: Dammit, he's a slippery little bastard. Where'd he go? It's like a frickin Skinner Box down here!

Nuala: *closes her eyes and holds out a hand* That way.

HB: Sweet. *stumbles through an archway and stops short* What the--??

Nuada: Oh, yes! Wink! Do it to me! Only you, Wink!

HB: *pales* I don't think we should be seeing this.

Johann: Vas ist das? It's as if vee stepped into an Herbal Essenses commercial.

Liz: *twitches*

Nuada: *writhes* Behind the ears! Behind the ears! Oh, all the gods, you beast, see to my split ends!

Nuala: *blushes* I forgot how handy that biomechanical hand can be. It really does give a good wash. I could use a nice shampooing myself.

Nuada: *breathshudders repeatedly*

HB: *lightbulbs* I just got the best idea EVER.

I blame you, Pesh. Always and forever.

Now, I gotta call GoDaddy and figure out what gives with their "free" hosting. Guh.


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Pesh said...



Well, if Godaddy can't help. Give me a shout. Edy's cool with me going back over. Turns out he was just flipping out over the late hour.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

Great news on the contract! And I feel for you re the bad paint. I end up paying about $50 a gallon so I only have to paint once after a bad experience with really cheap paint.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Ugh. GoDaddy fail. While it doesn't say so anywhere on the site, apparently GoDaddy's free hosting won't support a WordPress template.

And WordPress's hosting package doesn't support a WordPress template.

Go figure.

I, PESH got something up and running for now, but I think it's back to the HTML drawing board, and I'll just have to create my own pages and put them up when I have time. Geez, mon.

Although I did find out that I have FrontPage. Isn't that supposed to be...I, helpful or something?

*goes to look*

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I've already cheered, but I'll cheer again! Yay, Sis, congrats!


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