Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Just when I think I'm being subtle.

See, I love to read. I don't think that's a surprise to anyone. The only thing I like better than reading is writing, so two of my favorite things to do are sit out on my porch swing with a book or go to a favorite restaurant with a book.

But I didn't think anyone really noticed these habits. I'm just another person out on the street, right?

So when my neighbor lady gave me a shopping bag full of books a few weeks back, I just figured she was cleaning out her shelves and had seen me reading out on the porch swing. No biggie, right?


Because I just got back from my favorite Chinese buffet -- order takeout from there, and you're eating three meals for the price of one, I tell ya -- and I have another bag of books to add to my shelves. Yeah. The lady that runs the place brought this bag of like six or seven books several weeks back, just waiting for me to come back in. Because she knew I liked to read.

How funny is that?

I mean, yeah, they great me with smiles and "long time, no see"s and such, but really. The place isn't booming, per se, but they have a lot of customers. A lot of regulars, too.

So how does one stand out enough to warrant such a nice gesture?

Who cares. I'm just thrilled to have that much more to read. Ha!


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