Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear Charlie:

So after several years of not having cell reception (or at most, a roving signal that would dissipate as soon as I tried to answer a call) in my own home, I finally struck the motherlode. Five bars, baby.

All it took was a different service provider and a brand-spankin' new phone. Dad wanted to upgrade his service (he couldn't get service in his house, either, but that was because he lives in the boonies) and maybe add a friend to his package, so he just did it all in one fell swoop and woot!

Five bars.

And most important of all? That's right. Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting. That's my ringtone. I always said I'd get it, but I tried just about everything with the old phone and kept coming up empty. New problem.

Okay, so it's not orange, but lime green works just as well. It's very shiny. It slides to reveal a full texting keyboard, which I'm loving. I never thought I'd be a texter, but I like communicating by text more than by phone, ironically enough. So this is INFINITELY better.

Awesome sauce. Color me stoked, people.

Oh, and call me! I never get tired of that song. Ha!


At 1:04 AM, Blogger Bulma16 said...

That definitely calls for some wootage GB! 'S'amazing what a difference changing service providers can make.

And your ringtone is indeed awesome sauce and verrrry you, heh.


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