Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Charlie:

I'm pretty convinced that Empire Electric is the Devil. Either that, or it's run by the Devil. Makes me wonder who's running Hell while Empire's up here mucking things up.

So, I'm a pretty patient person. I can read a book while there's light and go to bed early to save the candles/flashlight and ignore the fact that all the food in my fridge is now bad, including the meat Dad gave me, and I'll have to throw it all away and can't even get more until the power's back on. I don't have to be constantly entertained and I'm not normally a "turn all the lights on" kind of person, anyway.

However, after five days without power and absolutely no explanation as to why the six or seven houses in this little rathole corner had nothing while everyone around us (including my next-door neighbors to the right and those across the street) were lit up like Christmas, my patience wore thin. I wanted a hot bath. Hell, I wanted to listen to the radio for a few minutes. Or even just not have to trust my cell phone battery to not run out overnight so it could act as my alarm clock so I could get to work on time. That would have been nice.

But every time I called to ask why no power, I got the runaround and even outright rudeness. Look, I know they have the entire area to worry about, but it doesn't mean they can just forget about little pockets of people like us that have to make do with nothing. They could at least give us a little information instead of spinning fairy tales about "tonight or tomorrow, at the latest" for four days straight.


Anyway, it's finally back on -- just in time for another round of storms, of course -- and I'm tempted to light this place up like something out of an early Spielberg film. *snerk* Only common sense has stopped me.

I only wish I knew what was wrong so I can tell them exactly what to fix when it happens again. Ugh.

So for now, I'm gonna throw away all the spoiled food, watch a movie, take back the one that was stuck in the DVD player while the power was out, and enjoy being able to turn on the light in the bathroom while I take a nice, hot bath.

Ah, bliss.


At 8:52 AM, Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

That's awful, no explanation and rudeness to boot? Shame on them! Hopefully the power will stay on without interruption for a long time now.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Meh, they're basically the monopoly on electricity in this area, so they can pretty much be however they want. Doesn't make it right, but you do sort of get used to dealing with them. This time, though...I dunno. Just hit me wrong.

I guess when it's just me, I can grimace and bear it, but when it's several people (even if I don't particularly know those people) who are in it with me, that's when it puts me over the edge. That's when I want results or at least information.

I mean, geez, the people directly to my left over here have two little kids -- probably 4 and 6 -- and were trying to make do with candles. Another family was running a generator the whole time, but I can't even imagine how expensive that got after the first day or so, what with the price of gas going up again.

The rest of us just cleaned out our refrigerators and scowled a lot. But that's Empire for ya. They petition every year to raise prices and pass that higher cost directly to us, then leave us in the Dark Ages for a week at a time when some weather fluctuation knocks it out. If they'd spend some of that money to put more lines underground, we wouldn't have so many outages.

However, I'm currently watching a movie with a lamp on and my laptop plugged safely into the wall, so I shouldn't complain. There's another storm building that's supposed to be almost as bad, but I remind myself that this state is like the Chaos Theory of Weather and that the forecasters can't possibly know everything. Heh.


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