Sunday, May 03, 2009

Annoying Sidebar:

Dammit, FOX!

Okay, so you royally screwed up DragonBall by "evolving" it. Arguably, any live action DB/Z/GT flick would be fundamentally flawed by not being either the manga or the anime. Ya still coulda done better, ya jerks, if you'd paid an inch of attention to the source material.

But...making Deadpool unable to talk? What the hell??

Did you read any of the comics? Did you watch Hulk vs. Wolverine? Deadpool's mouth is his biggest weapon, for the love of God! I'm fairly certain that even if he couldn't kill someone -- unlikely -- they'd commit suicide just to block out his ceaseless non sequiturs and hilariously pointless babbling!

And...and...and you shut him up!!

I could weep. Truly. What the Dreamcatcher movie ending did to the book was nothing compared to what has been done to Deadpool. In fact, what FOX did to DragonBall was nothing compared to poor Deadpool's enforced silence.

And Ryan Reynolds was so damn perfect for the part! That's worse than everything else, because up until they screwed him up, he was awesome! Waaaah!

Alas, poor Deadpool. I knew him, Marvel. And now, he rests in pieces.

Woe unto the comic-verse.

Repent! Repent!


At 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that this was up before...and that I commented on it...and then it went away. Did I dream that? Are my dreams prophetic or did I kill the post? *Me? Paranoid? WHY? WHO TOLD YOU THAT?*

Either way, I thought I'd share this to help ease the pain and share the cackling. Laughter is the best medicine you know. And you being into comics, I figured you'd appreciate this:

Enjoy :)

At 7:35 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Deja vu? *innocent grin*

At any rate, yeah, it's sad when the Marvel vs. DC Deadpool is better than what they allowed to be in the movie.


And I'd SO watch that show.


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