Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Well, the original creator has spoken. Not God, of course, but Akira Toriyama, the creator of my beloved DragonBall Z. And DragonBall, of course.

Translated (I can only assume the source is reliable, and the DBtheMovie site has been pretty reliable thus far), his statements are thus:

As the original creator, I had a feeling of “Huh?” upon seeing the screenplay and the character designs, but the director, all the actors, the staff, and the rest are nothing but “ultra” high-caliber people. Maybe the right way for me and all the fans to appreciate it is as a New Dragonball of a different dimension. Perhaps, this might become a great masterpiece of power! Hey, I look forward to it!!

Bless his heart. He always was good about fanfiction.

It's gotta be hard for someone to create something and then hand it over for someone else to breathe life into. I mean, you could end up with a beautiful being of light and poetry. Or, you could end up with a half-animated corpse that shambles along sucking the brains of its victims.

I mean, DragonBall was a brilliant new step for anime, and DragonBall Z so grew in popularity that even now, it rakes in millions -- billions? -- in merchandise every year. And then, he let TOEI Animation have it because he was pretty much done...and we got DragonBall GT. 'Nuff said.

And now, he's let us Americans have it, and we get that sense of "Huh?" that the creator himself felt. Oh, I'm sure it'll be a rip-roaring good time, action-wise. I'm absolutely positive that the effects will be spectacular. You can see that much in the trailer.

But that doesn't make it DragonBall. In fact, instead of DragonBall: Evolution, they should've gone with the concept that fans have been whispering about and kicking around since the last GT episodes ground out. DragonBall: Alternate Future. I mean, you can even find "images" out there that some diehard fans claim are actual stills from the mysterious DBAF, a super-secret set of episodes that will be released at some foggy future date.

Might have been a little more sincere, anyway. But hey, that's Hollywood for ya.

I think I'll wait for the DVD. And rent, to start.

At Blockbuster, of course.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger writtenwyrdd said...

Is this going to be live action movie or animation? I'm not sure why, but I adore those live action attempts at anime. The Mario Brothers movie still cracks me up, for example.

I don't care for cartoons any longer, although I love anime movies. It's sad, too; but there you are, I've become a fuddy duddy. And considering that you couldn't keep me away from Power Rangers and Transformers a mere decade ago, that's saying something, considering I'm pushing fifty.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Oh, it's gonna be live action. And it's gonna be terrible. I'm surprisingly cool with cartoons becoming live action, but not so cool with ANIME becoming live action. Most of the subject material is too incredible to translate, so they just drop it, which defeats the point of using anime subject material.



I just can't help it. I want them to either leave it alone or make it right, and since they don't care about the latter, I wish they'd do the former.


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