Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Actually, a couple of updates.

First, the plumbing problem is (currently) solved. I say (currently) because you never know. This house is 90 years old, at least, and Biff owned it for a good 10 of those. Maybe 15. Anyway, woo-hoo for Dale the Plumber for coming immediately (booting two people with less water-less problems) and for fixing it so quickly. Awesome sauce.

And second, we at work have been counting how many times random people have casually told us to "be careful". Not a one of us have heard it less than 3 times a day. Seriously. Screw you, American Idol.

And last(ish), the sleet and freezing rain have moved on for now, and it's now snowing outside. Big puffy flakes, which I didn't expect for how cold it is. It's beautiful.

Yes, the streets are pretty dangerous -- well, not if you drive carefully, but how many people do that? ha-ha -- but if you're looking out your window with a big, steaming cup of Pesh's Not-Quite-Patented Cozy-in-a-Cup with a movie on the TV and a blanket thrown over your legs, watching those big, floaty flakes pile up on the tree limbs? That's serenity, folks.


Until the power goes out, of course. I'll think it's beautiful right up until a tree limb falls on a powerline down the street somewhere. Then, I'll be okay for a few hours -- reading is a wonderful way to spend an evening with a candle -- until I want a hot bath. Then, it won't be so damn pretty outside. Heheh.

Until then, I'll enjoy being off work an hour early because the Powers That Be thus saith. I'll enjoy the warmth of the blanket one of the therapists at work gave me for Christmas and the creamy goodness of the Cozy-in-a-Cup that Pesh gave me last year (that I've been scrimping and saving until now, heheh). I'll enjoy the music in Leap of Faith and maybe a little DBZ later.

And I'll enjoy watching those big, beautiful snowflakes tumbling down and piling up on the car I've already scraped 4 times in 2 days. Heh. Yeah, I'm the kind of person who enjoys the scenery on a detour. So sue me.


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Pesh said...

Edy took a couple of neat pictures of the snow. The scenery is mostly cars, but the snowflakes appear as spots of light sprinkled all over the shots. Ah, why can't we have snowfalls like this every year. No ice, just fat, fluffy flakes that give us one or two inches of winter wonderland.

(Ice sucks. I hate ice.)


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