Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Yikes! Long time, no post. Sorry. Been a little incommunicado lately.

The elves are gone, darn it. But there's always next year, and with my attention...errr...problem...I'll have likely forgotten all about them in a month or so. Heh. Sometimes, ADHD is a good thing.

I've been reading a lot lately -- always a sign that a writing spurt is in the pipeline. Better still for the writing pipeline thing, I've been really unsatisfied with most of what I've read. I know when I start rooting through old Regency romances and Stephen King short story compendiums, looking for something I'm not finding, that either a whole new story (I have a couple of ideas) or a seriously furious writing jag on an old story is on its way.

We'll see.

I've also been watching lots of "new" movies. They're not chronologically new, of course. Just movies I haven't seen before. Horror movies, of course. Yeah, I finally broke down and got a membership at Blockbuster, the Great Blue Satan, and I've been pillaging their horror section in search of something new.

Most of what I've rented has been pretty independent. The Darkest Hour was amusing, as was Days of Darkness, but Ghost Lake and The Hollow most decidedly weren't. Oi. I get a touch of Dave and Edy when I watch that kind of flick. They're always thinking we should make our own video game, our own comic, our own this or that because of all the crap that gets churned out. I'm usually just amused, but some of those homegrown horror flicks make me wonder if I shouldn't invest in a digital camera and some lighting equipment.

Heh, I know I could write a better script!

Anyway, as you can see, nothing too exciting going on in the ol' life, which is why I haven't posted much. And now, I'm gonna go get me something to eat. Yes, I have a perfectly tasty casserole in the fridge, but I'm saving it for lunches next week. Right now, I'm thinking Magic Noodle, a Thai place that has the best spring rolls in town.

You know, it's too bad I can't take the single things I like most about my favorite restaurants and combine them all into the same place. The Tokyo's udon and sushi, Magic Noodle's spring rolls, Red Lobster's crab legs, Stogey's spaghetti red, Champs' pub fries, Grand Fortuna's crab rangoon, Mythos' creamy tomato soup....

You get the idea. Heh. I like a little bit of everything. I need like a whole town buffet, darn it. Not that I'd eat more than a plate, but I want that plate to be...I dunno...varied.

Anyway, time to eat!


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