Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Dearest Charles:

I am so excited. I'm not even kidding. And I should probably be so ashamed of my reason for being so excited, but I just can't bring myself not to be thrilled.

Carl Peterson just resigned. Woo-hoo!

No offense to the man, but he hasn't been good for much of anything since Marty Shottenheimer vamoosed. He trades away good players and keeps has-beens and never-wases. He flubs draft picks. He pretty much drives Chiefs fans insane.

But he had a pretty good run in the '90s, so the Hunt family kept him around. That's fine, I guess, but people (me included) have pretty much been calling for his head these last few years. Okay, this last decade.

Now, if we could just jettison Herm Edwards, too...and maybe sweet talk Bill Cowher into head coaching...and keep those good young players while instilling more discipline and playing a full game instead of just two or three quarters....

On a less chipper note, I'm gonna miss Tony Gonzales next year. I can't imagine that he'll stay, and he's a real class act. And an excellent player, as he's proven this year. Even after announcing the desire to be traded mid-year and having that deal blow up, he didn't pout (like, oh, TO or Randy Moss would have) and refuse to play well. Nope, he's gone all out and is having one of the best years of his life.

He's definitely neither a quitter nor a whiner.

I do hope we keep Tyler Thigpen, too. He has more than earned the chance to lead an up-and-coming organization, and it's not fair to judge him on a 2-12 record that was not of his making. For crying out loud, he was a third-string bench-warmer at the beginning of the year, and he has orchestrated dozens of excellent, hard-hitting, even high-flying scoring drives. He's the kind of rookie we've been looking for at QB, and I hope he gets to stay.

I get tired of watching our best players do really well somewhere else. Guh.

But yeah, so long, Carl. And no offense to Herm, who really is good with developing young players, but he really shouldn't be a head coach. He is infamous for losing games in the last quarter, and that's what he's done all year this year and most of the year last year.

I'm thinking that next year is finally looking up. Woot!


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