Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Well, my boys held it together and eked out a win against the Raiders. Why do we hold on in these tense, mean division rivalry games? Heh.

I dunno why, but while I'm thrilled for the Chiefs this week -- not only did they win, but they played well, both offense and defense -- I'm not jumping up and down about the long-awaited second win of the season. I dunno if it's because I'd just resigned myself to being glad about the good draft pick we'd get, or what.

Not that I'm not proud of them. Heavens, no! Maybe I just don't want to get my hopes all up for more wins this season. Heh, after all, at this point, last year's awful 4-12 is starting to sound pretty darn good.

Technically, we could still pull out six wins. We got the Broncos and Chargers again, and anything goes in an AFC West division game, so there's no sure bet there, but I'm confident we can win those. Bengals, no problem. I dunno why, but I'm not worried about that last game, either. But Miami....

They've been the shocker team for me this year. I always kinda wish the Dolphins would do well -- left-over nostalgia from the Dan Marino era, I imagine -- but I never expect it, so them being a strong 7-5 this year is kind of a pleasant surprise for me.

Wish we didn't have to play 'em, though.

Anyway, my Chiefs have been pulling themselves up by their bootstraps for the last several weeks now, and it's good to see them finally savoring the sweet nectar of victory. They've earned their hoorahs today, and I'm stoked for them. I hope they keep that feeling close to heart and demand it every week. Because they could, you know.

Many congratulations, boys. Ya done good.


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