Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Charlie:

I dunno why this still cracks me up, but it does. That WrestleMania in Hollywood was awesome.

At least, the lead-up was. Heh. I don't even remember who won what. Oopsie.

Anyway, since my poor boys got spanked like a geek on the playground today, I figure I'll spare them an in-depth analysis. Suffice it to say that they started out strong -- with better numbers than Buffalo had -- and their defense was just getting a bead on the Bills' running game when...the dreaded turnover.

See, we've been on the right side of the turnover ratio lately, and I think my boys forgot what it felt like to have one of their own. After that, it was another turnover. And another.

And then it was 50-something to not-enough. Give 'em credit, though. My boys still put up some points, even digging out of a trench that just kept clogging with mud. They didn't completely shut down.

I think, in tribute, I'll put the lyrics for REM's Everybody Hurts over in my "Song of the Moment" section in the sidebar. Not tonight -- dude, I am soooo late to bed right now -- but this week, for sure. I gotta bake some cookies tomorrow night, but we'll see if I can't squeeze in a little HTML on the evening, too.

And update the scoreboard. I just hate to put that 50+ score over there. It's just....

Oh, well. Buffalo threatened to tick off the football gods with their score-running there for a while. They will be repaid. Their playoff hopes may still be tentatively alive for now, but...just wait and see. Vengeance will be wrought upon them in the form of an embarrassing, downright humiliating loss at some crucial junction.

Oh, yes. The football gods do not smile upon those who run up the score.


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