Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dear Charlie:


My poor boys. Doesn't seem to matter how hard or how well they play, does it? They just can't finish a game. They battled today. Started down and tied it up. Got behind and still scored points. Went for it on fourth down and actually made it a couple of times.

But somehow, they just can't finish. I dunno. They're inconceivably better than back in Week 1, but we gotta get ahead and stay ahead. Offense and defense have to scratch each others' backs, and we have to have something special from our special teams. Better blocking on runbacks and better stopping power against runbacks.

But they already know this. And they are working on it. They get measurably better every week, and Thigpen is playing like a real pro. Great quarterback rating, even with the interception today -- which I don't really hold against him because it was that last fourth down try and he had to throw it somewhere.

Anyway, I'm now turning my focus to a plus on the week. That's right. Tropic Thunder. I cannot wait for Tuesday! Woo-hoo!


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