Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Well, I pushed through a four-day migraine, passed out about 20 multi-colored stocking caps I'd crocheted for friends at work, made a double batch of cookies (again for work), and watched up to the sixth Jason movie since the last post. Been a little busy.

So, I rewarded myself tonight with some DragonBall Z. God, I love this show. How big a nerd-kid am I? Ha!

I also found out that ROCKNROLLA isn't out in theaters in this area. Yet, I'm hoping. I'mma be seriously cheesed off if it's not on the big screen anywhere near here. I mean, between RockNRolla, Fast and Furious (which will probably suck but which I will watch anyway), and Transporter 3, I'd planned on a nice last couple of months in 2008. This has been a good movie year for me, heh.

But no. No RockNRolla here. Yet. I guess I'll have to call the theater and ask what gives. Maybe they just haven't opened it wide yet. Meh. I really don't want to have to wait for DVD for it.

At least I'll always have DBZ to pass the time. Thank God, but it never gets old.


At 4:43 PM, Blogger Bulma16 said...

"How big a nerd-kid am I?"

I really, really, realllly hope that was a rhetorical question.


If not, hey let me know. I'd looove to answer that *grriiinnns*


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