Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dear Charlie:

It was so close! We had it! We had it!


At least it's starting to come together. We started out strong this week, which has been missing since halfway through last season. We just have to learn to finish strong. We took the Bucs into overtime, and if not for them winning the coin toss, that might have been our field goal.

And I'm thinking it wouldn't have taken three attempts to get it. Geez.

My Chiefs just need to pull all the pieces together and play a complete game. At least this week, Herm didn't go all conservative (or, at least, not as bad), and even if he did, we at least had a running game to fall back on, to make that conservatism a little more probable. Last week? Not so much.

I could point out the obviousness of a Herm Edwards-led team giving up a huuuuuge lead to end up losing, but I won't do that. Heh. We did lose our major running back after a heart-pumping performance, so that put a kink in our momentum. Charles did a great job of picking up the slack, but between that momentum breaker and a few others -- namely that vicious kick return for a touchdown which put the Bucs up to ten before halftime and gave them an extra shot of adrenaline -- we just couldn't keep that forward juggernaut mentality.

But that's alright. I think anyone can see measurable improvement in my boys over the last three weeks. Yes, we're still losing, but at least we're fighting with Thigpen at the helm. He gets better and more poised with each start, so I hope they'll keep him at the position for a while. I admit that I wasn't overjoyed by his first starter performance, but even then I had nice-ish things to say about him. Remember?

Here, I'll even quote it so you don't have to click the link:

I don't think anyone expected poor Tyler Thigpen to have to start, and while I'm iffy on his abilities, he's at least showing a little more heart than I saw the first time he came in this year. He stayed in that whole game and kept on throwing.

Admittedly, you could add "interceptions" to the end of that last sentence and still be telling the truth, but I'm being diplomatic here.

Heh. Okay, so I coulda left out that last sentence, but I didn't want to be accused of self-editing. God forbid, right?

Anyway, here is the bar graph of improvement that I'm seeing. Three games ago, we just plain lost. Two games ago, we fought back from a big deficit and were competitive to our last possession. This last game, we had it at halftime and even took it into overtime before losing without even getting an offensive hand on the ball to perhaps prove ourselves.

How is that not measurable progress? Heh, it's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

So, 8-8 may be pushing it this year, but I'm pretty sure now that we won't go 1-15. We came damn close to winning today, and it's only a matter of time before we play the second half as well as the first. The rebuilding is taking a lot longer than expected, but it's finally starting to look like it might yield at least a little fruit. Right now, that fruit is bitter and a little hard on the teeth, but give it some time.

Just a little more time. I mean, at least Oakland and Denver lost, too. Heheh. Is it bad that that gives me such a happy-go-lucky feeling?


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