Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snicker-Worthy Sidebar:

Okay, rarely does a football game make me laugh until I cry. Offhand, I can only think of one other time, and that was when an announcer said, "That guy has legs like a table", to which the other announcer only paused a beat before asking for clarification with definite laughter in his tone.

But this time....

Twice today, the Chiefs' fill-in punter has had to weigh in on a tackle to get the runback guy down. Bless his heart, but he's filling in for Colquitt, who is a well-known excellent, so he's really putting his back into it.

Or, in this case, jumping on the other guy's back. Heh, that was good for a snicker, but when the announcer, at his most droll, said, "Come on, and take a free ride"....

Yeah. I lost it. I laughed so hard that I missed the next play. Part of it was relief that someone finally got the runback down, but...geez.

My boys may not end up winning this game, but they played their hearts out down to the last man. The fill-in punter. Awesome.


[Edited to add: If life were a movie, my boys would have won that game just for how hard they tried. I mean, Thigpen was darn near perfect at QB, we did all right (but not spectacular) at RB, Tony G was more than reliable as ever, we were on the winning side of the turnover ratio, including points off of turnovers, and for the first time since that fluke Denver game, we played like a team that knew what it was doing. *sigh* My poor boys. They oughtta give points for trying.

It kills to watch them go all out like that and play well and still end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard.]


At 3:55 PM, Blogger webdt said...

Are you the Molly Burkhart that went to Bishop O Dowd high school?
If so, please email

At 8:24 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Nope. Sorry, kiddo, but I've never heard of that school. Good luck!


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