Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Okay, no comment on my beloved Chiefs. They...need some help. Divine help, maybe. Is it wrong to pray for your football team to win a few games instead of just the one?

Yeah, no comment.

So, interesting news here on the DragonBall movie. They might be doing some reshoots for the flick, due to fandom criticism. Maybe if they hadn't picked DragonBall, well known for its planet-wide fanbase, to play around with....

Either way, I'm pretty sure they can't fix much of what's wrong with the plot, but the word "reshoots" does give me a spark of hope. Maybe they can take Goku out of high school?

*crosses fingers*

Guh. At this point, I'm actually kinda tired of thinking about it. Just...get it over with, guys. Seriously.


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