Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ugh. We have got to stop playing around with our quarterback position. Our starter can't play a game without getting injured. Our back-up is great as a back-up, but just gets spanked as a starter. And our third-string?

Bless his heart, is all I can say.

Pretty please, my beloved Chiefs, get a decent quarterback. Yes, I know we were spoiled with Trent Green as our starter for so long. But we want to be spoiled again! We want reliable. We want tough. We want staying power. We want heart.

Yes, I know the QB position isn't our only problem, but a reliable leader would definitely help solidify an otherwise floppy offense. Yikes. Then we could focus on other sore spots and play up the parts that actually work.

And maybe then we wouldn't lose to...*chokegasp*...the Raiders.


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