Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Charlie:

I'm starting to think that 8-8 this year will be a miracle, but I've not yet given up hope. As usual, my beloved Chiefs keep showing little flashes of brilliance that keep that hope level high. That two-minute drill before halftime? Definitely a flash of brilliance. Thigpen was darn near a surgeon in that last possession.

And what the heck did they eat or drink at halftime that put the spring in their step for the first of the third quarter? I mean, seriously. If the defense could have stopped the Falcons' first second-half possession from scoring, we might have really wrapped that game up. Our first possession right out of the halftime box was another sign of brilliance. Thigpen marched my boys down the field. Larry Johnson got more yardage in one play than in the entire first half. It was beautiful, and it ended in another touchdown, which is always a sweet symphony.

But...then it all went away. Again. *sigh*

Here's the deal: the offense and defense need to show up on the same day. And whichever side actually DOES show up needs to STAY there. You can't expect to win the game with two dramatic, genius marches down the field. I mean, if your defense is stellar, two touchdowns is more than enough. But if not? Meh.

So, we're 0-3. We've started 0-3 before and still managed to bring back the bang, but it's gonna be an uphill struggle for the entire rest of the season. We've lost to Oakland, a division rival. While always dangerous, the Raiders are usually a pretty safe "tune-up" type of game, but we lost to them. We can't do that anymore. If we can't win in our own division, it doesn't much matter how many non-division rivals we beat. 10-6 is no longer a guarantee of a play-off spot.

I still think we could pull out a very shaky, very hard-fought 8-8, but I'm not counting on it. We can definitely finish above 4-12. The last time (before last year, of course) we went 4-12 was in 1978. The year after I was born, may I remind you. We hadn't gone 4-12 in 30 years, and I hope we don't do it again any time soon.

My poor boys.

But they're starting to come together. Most fans would hope that this kind of "coming together" would have happened in training or in preseason, but they were still banking on Brodie Croyle then, and Damon Huard as a wild card. I don't think anyone expected poor Tyler Thigpen to have to start, and while I'm iffy on his abilities, he's at least showing a little more heart than I saw the first time he came in this year. He stayed in that whole game and kept on throwing.

Admittedly, you could add "interceptions" to the end of that last sentence and still be telling the truth, but I'm being diplomatic here. Heheh.

In all, it could be worse. Not much worse, but hey. I'm a cynical optimist, remember. Eventually and after much traverse and struggle, it'll all turn out all right. And I live for the hope that my beloved Chiefs will win a SuperBowl in my lifetime.

Hey. It could happen. Unless I get hit by a bus or something this season.


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