Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I finally updated my Chiefs scoreboard in the sidebar down there. *sheepish* Yeah, I'm usually a lot more on-the-ball about that, but while I'm terribly excited about it being football season again, I'm just not that riled about pre-season this year. Dunno why.

But it's up, and my boys are already on the plus side. Hope that lasts. Not holding my breath, though. Heheh.

Rebuilding year, and all that.

Woot for football! My favorite passtime in the universe is back again!

Oh, and Dave's frackin cat bit me today. He's never done that, not once in the entire time he's lived here. Even in play, he's never so much as nipped. I was just rubbing his belly and YEOWCH. Right by that knob of bone on the outside of my left wrist -- a puncture on top and a scratch on the bottom. Little potty-word.

No more petting for him. *grumblegrumble*


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