Monday, July 07, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Great weekend. Bad Monday. *snerk*

I went to the hometown this weekend. I love going to the hometown, but it kinda sucks, too. See, I always figured I'd move back there someday. I'm not one of those people who hates their hometown and spends their life trying to escape it. I have great memories of the place, and every time I visit it, it's harder to leave.

Not that I don't love where I live now. It's...complicated.

So anyway, I went home to see Kristi, Sean, and their twins. The twins are...*gasp*...three years old. Three and a half, actually. They're not babies anymore. Hell, they're not even toddlers. They are small children, and they are boisterous. Heheh.

I learned about such lovely novelties as face-wrestling and the utter necessity of Bass Pro Outdoor World in a three-year-old's daily life. They need it. Heh.

Anyway, between cupcakes with sprinkles, a few beers with one of the best friends I've ever had, and enough smoke bombs to scare off every mosquito in the Midwest, I think we had a pretty good time. I even managed to pick me up some peach Nehi, which is quite difficult to find anywhere but the old general store I worked at for several summers in high school.

And...I know it's stupid, but...I love those old roads. I remember them so well. And the scenery. The open fields and rolling hills. The great, spreading trees. The old, dilapidated barns and sheds. The livestock. Even the flooded areas that are so deep the treetops dot what seems like a lake.

What can I say? I'm a country girl at heart. I miss the solitude. The distance.

At any rate, all nostalgia aside, I did manage to tear myself away once again. Maybe someday I won't have to. *snerk* Maybe when I hit that PowerBall jackpot I'm always talking about. Heh. I'll hold my breath, shall I?

*turns blue*


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