Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Just got home from my beloved sister's house. Yes, it's well after midnight. We got to talking. What can I say?


At any rate, I had a great visit. Great food, great coffee (and I don't usually drink the stuff), great conversation (some of it so painfully truthful that I could only do it with said beloved sister), and great times. The monsters were appropriately monstrous. Found out that Littlest Monster had taken Sis's AlphaSmart outside a couple of days ago and left it out there. In the rain. In the FLOODING we've been dealing with in this area.

Needless to say, no more AlphaSmart. I am NEVER. HAVING. KIDS.

But I love 'em, and they're adorable even when they're evil. So they all got hugs and kisses from The Heartless Wonder, here.

And Dad got his present -- a big ol' box of fresh-made cookies. Peanut butter cookies, which I know are his favorite, and chocolate chip, which I know he'll eat until he's sick. Heh. But it's not like he gets 'em every day, so I don't feel bad giving him a treat I know he'll like for Father's Day. Besides, what else could I get him? A tie? He never dresses up. A new hat? I have no idea what size his head is. A shirt? I have no taste!

So, something I know I'm good at and that I know he'll enjoy. A boatload of cookies. Heheh.

Anyway, as I'm obviously whonky enough to be rambling at this point, I'mma head for bed. G'night all, and stop by Drollerie Press soon for my beloved sister's next book out, Beautiful Death. It contains my favorite of her characters besides Gregar -- the beautiful and studly-deadly Charon. God, I love him.



At 10:09 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I had a great time, Sis! Hugs, thanks for talking with me, and for the BD plug.

*dang, your cookies didn't work; someone's still talking about moving*


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