Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Charlie:

I usually don't pimp movies that are yet to be here. It's hard to judge a flick by its trailer, after all. A lot of times, all the funny parts are in the trailer, leaving the movie a disappointment. Or all the excellent action scenes are spoilered months ahead of time. You get the idea.

So I don't usually salivate over a flick, even if I love the trailer. I just don't do it.

But I am. Heh. Now, anyway.

Check this out: Tropic Thunder, PG version, R version. Heed the R rating. There are some mo-fos in there. Some blood. Some entrails, probably. A knife-flailing kid getting thrown into a river, heh. God, I can't WAIT to see this flick.

If it's Ben Stiller a la Mystery Men, I'm in. If it's Jack Black humor a la "Tribute" and even "Wonderboy", I'm so in. And if it's Robert Downey, Jr., a la....

Aw, who am I kidding? At this point, I'd watch Mr. Downey in a six-hour romance/drama in black-n-white with no sound. On a 12-inch screen. In Latin with no subtitles.

But yeah, I'm seriously on the edge of my seat for this one. It looks just right up my sense of humor's alley. Just...wrong...but in the best possible way.

And if I had only one question to ask Mr. Downey in light of his most recent film moves, it wouldn't be about how he feels about Iron Man's success or what it was like in the suit or if he'd make a sequel -- duh! -- or if he drew on his own life experience for his portrayal of Tony Stark or anything like that.

My question, Mr. Downey -- said as if he drops by every other day or so -- is this: do you know all the words to "Movin' on Up", or did you just learn enough for the trailer?

Hey, the public has a right to know.


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