Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Oi. You all know I don't like to rant here, which is pretty much why I haven't had anything to say for the last couple of weeks. Heh. Suffice it to say that I've done three things in four weeks, when I usually get those four weeks to do one.

Enough of that!

So, sometimes you just have to have a movie weekend. Get your mind off things, ya know? Engage the brain so you can let go of all the stuff that irritates you. That's what I'm doing: having a movie weekend.

Nothing I haven't seen before, of course. No, I'm going for the oldie-goodies. Sleepy Hollow, for its quirky darkness and Ray Park's kick-ass weapons work as the Headless Horseman. Major League, for...well, because it's Major League and I love movies about baseball, though I can take or leave (and usually leave) the actual sport. Undead, because it's so laughably bad but still has such a wacky premise. And because of that cuss-crazy cop's diatribe about f*ckin' finishing Marion faster than a birthday cake at a f*ckin' fat girl's f*ckin' party. Heheheh.

Those kinds of things. Stuff that cracks me up.

And then...I put in 1408. Because I adore/admire both John Cusack (he was brilliant in Identity...which I oughtta watch next) and Samuel L. Jackson. And because it's Stephen King, and I've long sang his praises. And because it has some legitimately creepy moments, which says a lot coming from me. I startle easily, but I don't scare.

Also on the agenda for this take-your-mind-off-it weekend? This. Over and over again. It cracks me up. I'm sure we all know "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Written by the same guy, Jim Steinman, who wrote most of MeatLoaf's stuff, and again, we all know how much I love MeatLoaf.

Now, Bonnie Tyler's version is, of course, the titular version that everyone thinks of. Roughing over those high notes. Pouring all the emotion in a love-wronged heart into the words. Good stuff. better. Ha! Okay, not so much better as frackin hilarious. Although the guy does have a great voice and doesn't need the comedy to make the song bearable. But who cares? The comedy is great.

Anyway, I plan to pop in some Indiana Jones -- you know, they have a new one coming out soon -- maybe a little Aliens, probably some kung fu. A few of my favorite things.

See? It's already working. Woot!


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