Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dear Charlie:

I so shoulda had money riding on this game. My honest-to-God, hand-on-a-stack-of-Bibles pick for this year's Superbowl?

Giants 17-13.

Actual final score?

Giants 17-14.

Seriously. I have witnesses. Why, oh, why am I not a gambler?? Maybe I should've bought a PowerBall ticket on the way home....

Anyway, have fun New York (and New Jersey, home of the Meadowlands) with your newfound victory over the "perfect season" Patriots, who I'm sure we're all tired of hearing about. I know I am. Oi.

Yeah. One of the friends asked me...not HOW LONG it had been since my boys had been to the SuperBowl...but IF my boys had been to the SuperBowl.

I'm sure you can see the scowling from here.

Loyalty knows no boundaries as esoteric as history. Pssh. Forty years is NOTHING. That they haven't been to the Bowl in my lifetime is NOTHING. A 4-12 season is NOTHING.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, we Chiefs fans always...ALWAYS...have one thing.



Next year.

And that's all I have to say about that. Woot, Giants!


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