Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Well, my beloved Chiefs lost a heartbreaker that it looked like they might win. Oh, did I forget to mention that it was against perhaps the second-best team in the NFL? Yeah. They played the Colts today and almost won.

Of course, any player will tell you that almost winning is still losing. My poor boys.

But it was a tough, defensive game. Both teams struggled mightily for any advantage. And I gotta say that turnovers won the game for Indianapolis. We had momentum -- and in a game that close, momentum is really all you need to light a fire under your ass -- until that fatal turnover. When Indy scored points off of a turnover, I pretty much just sat down to watch how close it ended up. I love my boys, but in an away stadium against a team that can just suddenly turn it on, they just can't overcome a momentum shift like that.

Love 'em, but I also know 'em.

But they looked pretty good. Not great, but Brody Croyle might yet win me over. He hasn't quite -- still looked like a rookie in too many plays -- but he seems to have pretty good poise and a great arm, and the offense seems to have confidence in him. So, he might be the spark we need.

Dunno if we're still in the play-offs race with the schedule we have yet to go, but if we can make Peyton Manning sweat and doubt, we can probably beat anyone else. That's why we're cool even when we aren't necessarily good.

In other news, I baked today. Yes, again. Yes, I do it alot this time of year -- not because I particularly like Christmas but because I just like to bake when it cools off. It's hard to bake in the summer because it takes so much to cool back off when it's hot outside. But when it's cool, I can turn down the thermostat and turn up the oven and put in the ol' headphones.

Time flies, I tell you.

So, since I work late tomorrow night and our office's Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, roast beef, and pulled pork provided by the company) is Tuesday, I did my promised baking today. On my request list were some pretty crazy things, but I settled on a carrot cake, which I'd never tried before, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

Now, I canNOT stand cooked raisins. Raw, I'll eat 'em by the handful, but cooked? Ugh. They remind me of dog ticks. Not that I've ever eaten a dog tick, but my imagination is a powerful and fearsome thing. Remind me to tell you about green peppers some time.

So, instead of oatmeal raisin cookies, I made oatmeal cranberry cookies. Yeah. I love that hint of a tang, so I was all sorts of excited. I think they turned out pretty well, but I haven't tasted one of these yet. They look pretty, though.

As for the carrot cake, I borrowed one of my mom's recipes (actually, I did for the oatmeal cookies, too) and just threw it together as per the recipe. It smelled great while it baked, so it couldn't be too far wrong. And then...I frosted.


I should admit that, while I don't consider myself an artist, I do like to create artsy stuff. So, I mixed up a little orange and green frosting, thickened it a bit, and frosted on a little carrot with leafy things popping out the back. Heh. Yeah, it's cheesy to put a carrot on a carrot cake, but it looks pretty cute. It turned out better than it had any right to, and I even took a picture of it with my phone.

Sadly, I can't for the life of me get my phone to connect so I can upload it. Insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here.

But, in all, I'm happy with my baking today. Two things I've never made before, and nothing blew up. Not that I'd be distraught at the idea of an explosion of some sort, but you know.

And for Thanksgiving Day itself, I got an invite to an invite-only dinner at my favorite bar -- where I go to watch Monday Night Football -- so I'll be getting up earlier than I'd hoped Thursday morning to bake an apple cobbler and make some deviled eggs. Yum. I love deviled eggs.


Oh, yeah. And how about that Vinnie Testaverde?? Sure, Green Bay beat the crap out of the Panthers and Vinnie threw two interceptions, but he also threw two touchdown passes and managed to avoid breaking a hip or falling and not getting up. I consider that a win.

God, how do these guys keep themselves healthy enough to play into their 40s when they're in the equivalent of a three-hour car wreck every week? Many, many kudos to both veterans of the gridiron.


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