Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Good grief, what a weird day for football! I mean, between the Chiefs losing to the Broncos at home -- unheard of! -- and the friggin Bolts beating the previously indomitable Colts -- indomitable until last week, anyway -- I don't know what to think. Geez.

I do have two very important things to say:

1. It was beautiful to see Priest Holmes back in action. And he did exceedingly well for someone who hadn't played in years. I mean, really, after that last injury, did anyone ever expect him to pick up a ball again? God bless the Priest.

2. I'm not as disappointed in Brody Croyle as I expected to be after his preseason chutzpah. My main complaint then was that he wanted too badly to be Brett Favre, and he wanted it too instantly. Today, though, he showed remarkable restraint, and he throws a nice, tight spiral of a bullet. If he keeps his head on straight, he might actually do well.

What bothers me most about today is how long it took Herm Edwards to take poor Huard out of the game. Anyone who reads me regularly knows that I think of Huard as an admirable second string quarterback. I never thought he should have the top job. He's a great fill-in, but he's just not wired to be the front man.

Nothing bad in that. Just know your limitations.

Plus, the poor guy has been just beaten up this year. Four or five separate, lingering injuries -- one to his plant calf, which messes up his throw -- and the offensive line isn't doing the same job of protecting as they did for Trent Green. Admittedly, there are plenty of new players on that line, but they aren't clicking well enough to provide Huard enough time to do anything but throw an interception.

And after two consecutive turn-overs leading to Denver touchdowns...Edwards should've taken him out. Instead, he left him in for one more offensive that left Huard unable to even turn his head comfortably.

Of course, that coulda been a bit of play-acting to get out after yet another pitiful attempt at offense. I wouldn't blame the guy! Would you? I'd sure as hell want out of that kind of situation.

Anyway, I hope Huard gets to sit out of just enough games for Croyle to get comfortable with the offense and for them to rely on him. If they start clicking, I think we'll see something beautiful. And Croyle is younger than Green, so if he steps up to the level they're hoping for him, he could bring that same kind of stability to the offense and last much longer.

*crosses fingers*

But I'm not betting all of that on a single game. Especially not one we lost and in which we turned the ball over so stinkin' many times. But he has a good arm, and if he tones down that drill-it-in-whether-it-fits-or-not attitude, he might just be what we need.


Oh, and as expected, no one gets Lions for Lambs. Everyone thinks it's liberal-leaning -- admittedly, I did expect it to be such when I watched it -- but I think that's only because that's what they want to see. Open minds, people. We are that kid the professor is trying to reach, and the vast majority of us seem to be missing the point.

But that's to be expected. I still enjoyed the hell out of it. Especially when the senator smiled that car-salesman smile and said he could categorically say he was not running for president.


Uh-huh. Especially after what the kid said earlier in the flick. Heheh.


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