Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Whew, insomnia! Fun for everyone!

But me, of course, but it's even amusing to me for a day or so. I can see myself getting whonky, and it is a little amusing. I mean, who can you laugh at if you can't laugh at yourself, right?


But yeah, if it doesn't snap in the next couple of days, it won't be so funny to me anymore. It'll still be funny -- hilarious, actually -- to everyone else, but I'll pretty much be in misery. *grin*

So, I'm gonna focus on how much fun Monday Night Football was last night. Hadn't seen any MNF in like two seasons, since they sent it to cable instead of regular TV. Sunday night football (note the lack of capitals) just isn't as much an experience.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to find that my friendly local bar -- the only one I go to -- decided to open up on Monday nights, just for MNF. Woot!

So I went last night and had a killer great time. I mean, there's just really nothing like watching football with people who GET it. Especially MNF.

It helped that it was a good game. I mean, one that had potential play-off consequences for my beloved Chiefs. With Denver's loss, we're one game closer to a play-off berth, or at the very least, a wild card slot. Of course, we still have to...ya know...WIN.

And it would help if we beat Green Bay next week, though I just rooted my butt off for them last night. Heh. Football makes strange bedfellows?

And I still need to pray that San Diego goes back to losing. Darn them and their winning and their...spirit...and...LaDainian Tomlinson!



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