Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Ugh. Looooong week.

You know, I must be the queen of bizarro fortune cookie messages. Most people get something along the lines of, "You will be successful in all you do" or "Your bright spirit inspires those around you". But me?


I get, "You will go to a party where strange customs prevail". Or most recently, "Keep your plans secret for now".

What the hell does that MEAN??

Not that it keeps me from eating Chinese, of course. My favorite restaurant may be a Japanese steak house, but I still eat Chinese buffet whenever applicable. Woot!

Anyway, hope everyone's enjoying their pre-Halloween weekend. I just got back from a party -- dressed up as a scarecrow, had to deal with all the dead grass and straw I used -- and am settling down a bit before I go take a bath and wash off all the makeup. Tomorrow, I'll probably just watch horror movies all day. I bought Transformers but I dunno that I'll watch it just yet. *grin* It's not exactly Halloween, ya know.

Guh. I am SO tired. Can you tell??


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