Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Remember in Men in Black II when Agent Jay was getting his butt kicked by the alien with the three nasty little clones? He has a certain amount of time to free his girl before the ship takes off to her doom (and Earth's, of course), and even though he spends most of the fight getting his butt kicked, he finally wins?

Girl: You spent most of the time on your back.
Jay: That's how I fight.

Well, the last two weeks, that's been my Chiefs. Sure, they've spent most of the game on their backs, but they still won two in a row. I assumed...hoped?...that would be the same today.

After all, it was 0-10 at halftime, and that's usually where my boys get their groove back and come back to win.

No go, this time. So...what was different this week?

Are they just tired of having to come from behind and couldn't summon the effort? Is Huard finally paying for spending those games on the run? Is it already all over but the crying?

Bite your tongue!

Everyone loses once in a while -- with the notable exception of Indianapolis during the regular season and...dammit...the Patriots. We'll get it worked out. Remember, this is a weird year for my boys.

After all, we were just getting used to having a reliably excellent quarterback every year; now, he's gone. We were used to having such an unpredictable passing game that our running game could pretty much do what it wanted. Now, that's gone.

So, we're getting back in the groove...very, very slowly. It won't always be this way.

But it does hurt to watch. *sigh*


And Transformers comes out on the 16th! Guess who's gonna be in line!


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Even WingStop didn't help.


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