Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dear Charlie

Ack! I forgot to make my picks for this week!

*hangs head in shame*

I am so out of practice. Off-season is a terrible time for my brain. It just doesn't work right until football starts again. Le sigh.

However, I am watching my beloved sport as I type. Yes, my boys aren't looking as good as I know they can. Yes, it's 0-0 well into the second quarter...against the Houston Texans. Yeow. Yes, we blew some opportunities and our one trip to the Red Zone. What was with that wide field goal?

But I'm still loving it. God, I missed football.

I would post my picks now, but several of the games have already started. It would probably still be okay, but...well...I'm lazy. Heh. It's Sunday! Day of rest, anyone?

Plus, I have 1000 words at least to get for today, and I haven't even started yet. So...not so much. I'mma enjoy me some bashing, and then I'mma write.

Have fun, all! Enjoy the return of The Best Sport Ever!


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